Our Ocean Origins

Our Story

Discovering kelp was never the plan, but hot damn I'm glad we did. Obviously, we didn't "discover" kelp, but when we needed it most (out of food during a hurricane) it saved our lives. 

But wait. How and why did we get here?

As a professional athlete, I'd spent much of my life exploring far off mountain ranges and wild backcountry regions. Ironically, I grew up by the ocean and have always possessed a deep love for its power, mystery and motion. The constant pull between ecosystems cultivated an insatiable passion for the outdoors. 

After a heavy crash, a destroyed ankle and the global pandemic synchronously foiled plans for ski and snowboard film projects, growth came knocking. Swapping setbacks for solutions, my friends and I embarked on a surf and sailing voyage in an attempt to simplify our lives and see more of our Atlantic front yard. Two weeks in, we found ourselves stranded in a hurricane surviving on wild sugar kelp.

Days later the storm passed and the adventure continued... Local aquaculturists and farmers, organic chefs and coastal conservationists welcomed us with open arms and dropped serious knowledge. Maine's kelp remained the undeniable thread weaving its way into each experience and eventually the WHY. 

Floating thirty some miles offshore, my health, my ankle and my ability to steward positive impact, it dawned on me. There was no product representing who we strive to be: mindful outdoor enthusiasts fueled by symbiosis. Offshore Greens.


- Willis Brown, Founder