The seaweed drink to help save the planet?

There is no shortage of avenues, routes and roads we can take towards making a positive impact on our planet. At Offshore Greens™ we have chosen to take an underwater, plant-like superfood highway regularly referred to as kelp. Kelp, a species of brown seaweed or macroalgae to be specific, is the foundation of our Offshore Greens™, more on that later. Coined as the superfood of the sea, kelp (and seaweed in general) possesses numerous incredible powers to help our physical and mental health improve concurrently with our planet's.

"Like land plants, seaweed produces oxygen, around 70% of the total oxygen on Earth, and is the basis of the ocean food chain." (Heather Kramp, CA Sea Grant/Marine Ecologist)

By using photosynthesis, similar to those cousins on land, seaweed turns CO2 into biomass. This system of carbon capture, the first step of carbon sequestration, is essential in the quest for seaweed based climate solutions. Whether it's used by us, stored in the ground or detached and collecting at the bottom of the ocean, the importance of kelp's carbon capture is undeniable. Beyond extensive CO2 sequestration, seaweed's habitat creation for marine mammals, fish, invertebrates and more, kelp is the bedrock of the ocean food chain, holding fast for our collective future.

"Seaweeds buffer against ocean acidification, dampen wave action and reduce coastal erosion, and clean up waterways by absorbing excess nutrients from wastewater." (Heather Kramp, CA Sea Grant/Marine Ecologist)

As a family of surfers, divers, swimmers and fisher people, we have witnessed first hand the benefits of kelp in the oceans as well as a necessity in its absence. Diving amongst these floating forests provides a perspective similar to that of rainforest understory and canopy navigation; an ecosystem thriving, vibrant and unmistakably in tune. 

"Seaweed is also eaten by humans all over the world and its popularity in the U.S. is growing. Rich in protein and vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, folic acid, and vitamin K, studies have shown significant health benefits to eating seaweed, including reduced blood pressure and improved digestive health. It’s no wonder seaweeds are trending as the new superfood." (Heather Kramp, CA Sea Grant/Marine Ecologist)

We choose to source, harvest and help grow Maine kelp to make daily positive impacts on your life and planet ocean's. Nearly 3/4 of the earth's surface is covered by water, with 97% of that being salt water, so why not save our favorite playground and improve our collective health simultaneously. Exploring, understanding and choosing regenerative alternatives, such as kelp and other forms of aquaculture, can truly help steer us towards quantifiable climate solutions. 

 - Offshore Greens™

"Seaweed is about to blow your climate change mind." Heather Kramp, Marine Ecologist. (Sea Grant California) 


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