From Research To Easy Reading: Fermenting seaweed for novel health food products

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Fermented Seaweed Is Profoundly Healthy


Fermentation, a time-honored technique for food preservation, is revolutionizing the way we look at seaweed, particularly sugar kelp (Saccharina latissima). Traditionally, seaweeds like nori and wakame have been culinary staples, especially in Asian cuisine. But now, there's a growing interest in expanding seaweed's appeal globally, thanks to its health benefits and unique flavors.

The Study

Researchers recently explored the fermentation of sugar kelp using lactic acid bacteria (LAB). This process not only aimed to enhance the taste and texture but also to improve the nutritional profile of sugar kelp. The study compared fresh sugar kelp with fermented versions, evaluating various aspects like taste, smell, texture, and nutritional content.

Key Findings

  1. Taste Transformation: The fermentation process successfully moderated the intense sea flavor of sugar kelp, making it more palatable with a reduced salty and umami taste.
  2. Texture Improvement: Unlike its fresh counterpart, fermented sugar kelp was less slimy and had a firmer bite, similar to popular seaweeds like nori but with a unique texture.
  3. Nutritional Enhancement: A significant reduction in sodium, cadmium, and mercury levels was observed in fermented sugar kelp, making it a healthier option.
  4. Safe and Stable: The fermentation process, which brought the pH down to 4.5, increased LAB counts while ensuring the absence of Bacillus cereus, a common foodborne pathogen.


This study opens up exciting possibilities for incorporating fermented sugar kelp into our diets. By improving taste, texture, and nutritional value, LAB fermentation can make seaweeds more appealing to a global palate. Fermented sugar kelp stands out as a promising candidate for new, healthy food innovations.

Food for Thought

Are you ready to explore the delicious and nutritious potential of fermented sugar kelp in your culinary adventures? To read more about this fascinating research here is the link to the original paper

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